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Thermographic Surveys

tracktest-thermoPrevention is always better than cure, especially where electricity is concerned. A professional thermal survey allows you to detect electrical faults before the components fail. And because it’s non-intrusive, it’s extremely fast and efficient.

Why carry out a Thermographic Survey?

A thermal imaging survey is a complementary service to Fixed Wire Testing*. It can pick up problems such as over heating components that may not be revealed during standard testing. It’s also a valuable way to identify fire risks without having to power down important areas.

At Track and Test we use the latest industry-leading cameras and software to produce high-precision reports that clearly identify any problems so you can take immediate action without all the added disruption of invasive exploration.

All the thermographers are ITC trained to ensure that images are interpreted correctly and thoroughly. Rather than simply providing images of ‘hot spots’, we provide detailed information on the root cause, enabling the correct repairs to be carried out and prevent problems from reoccurring.

Why not Contact Us to discuss the service in more detail.     FIXED Rate Prices £575.00  (upto 50 DBs)

*our Network Partner Company who is NICEIC carries out the FWT / EM / THERMO work on our behalf.

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